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Quotes From Clients:
  • You have captured so many memories for our family. Even when the boys have not cooperated and I think "Oh no!" then when I see the finished product, I am AMAZED!! The pics are always fantastic. God has blessed you with so much talent and I am very grateful for what you do! - L.E.

  • I don't even know where to begin. When you took that first session of Lacey years ago and just let her play I knew we had found our photographer. I cried when I saw the finished product. Fast forward 6 years or so and I cried when I saw the first pictures of our new addition. You are so patient and calm with the kids and they really respond to that. So many times I would have thrown my hands up and said "forget it" but you just keep plugging away and it pays off! You're the best! - Jan

  • You do amazing work and the pics you have taken of our girls are simply stunning. We were able to view our pics so fast and when I looked at them and thought there can't be a better pic then that, you had outdone yourself and there were even more!! Completely satisfied from the beginning to the end of our sessions!! - Heather H.

  • Every picture is stunning. We have been a client for 6 years, and we drive to Charleston from Morgantown twice a year just for Bre's pictures! - Jenn

  • I am your biggest fan by far.! U are simply amazing...You are not just a photographer you are an artist and that’s why your pictures seem to come to life and tell a story. You have captured the sweetest moments with my kids and your pictures are way more than just photos to me! I love ya!!!! - Julie

  • I love your talent as a photographer. You're always ahead of the technology but more impressive to me is the purity and innocence you're able to capture. Since I know you personally, I believe your kindness is a big part of that talent. L.P.

  • I am so glad we chose you to be our family photographer! You have captured so much of Trey in his pictures. You wouldn't believe the compliments I get on his pictures and it's not just because he is a cutie either! hehe. Looking forward to going on this journey with you! thanks for all your time and effort! it pays off!! - Amy

  • You do great! You have an amazing amount of patience to do what you do. I am always so excited to see Gavin's pictures, and so soon! You're hard work really shows. We will continue to have you doing our photos for as long as you will have us! - Kandice

  • Bre, since I met u I knew u were gonna take amazing pix just by where you chose to do our engagement photos. You have now have done our wedding, maternity, and our sons photos. You are patient, kind, and you love what you do. I am excited for what 2013 holds for you. Cant wait till you do our photos. Thanks for everything and everyone who comes in my house says wow, who took those pictures, they are amazing. I will be a customer of yours for a lifetime. Thanks for all your hard work it pays off! - Shawna